My industry’s solution is not listed above. What can I do?

We use SAP Business byDesign technology, which means we can combine the function and solutions you need related to your industry.

How many man-days for the implementation?

Every industry is unique. SAP Business byDesign provides quick implementation. The system will be ready to use in 12 weeks. It’s SAP best practice.

How does SAP Business byDesign work?

SAP Business byDesign integrates all functions in a company such as finance, human resource, procurement, project management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management

What is the ideal time for the implementation?

It will take time to gather all company data and to configure it into the system. The implementation will finish in the end of every quarter. SAP always schedule an updated version for the system. We want to make sure you always get the latest version.

How much is the cost for implementation?

Our SAP Business byDesign technology is affordable compared to other ERP product. Comprehensive features in less cost start from $20/user for license.

What are the steps that I need to follow until I can use SAP Business byDesign?

We will need to do an assessment to understand your problems and provide solution to you. You’ll just need to contact us and our team will reach you back.

How do I choose which ERP solution works best for my organization?

Our ERP solution by SAP Business byDesign is scalable and adaptable. You can choose what modul you’d like to integrate with SAP ByD regarding to your specific needs.

My company is already using a system and I want to upgrade. What should I do?

You’ll just need to tell us about your plan. We provide migration and system upgrade customised to your business.

Have more questions about our solution and ERP implementation?

Just ask us anytime

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