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Friday, December 8, 2017



Equipped with SAP Business byDesign technology, we make sure that you can monitor your business easily. Here’s our solution inspired by your business and to grow your business.

  1. LIMS, an integrated solution system for your livestock. We make it easy for you to monitor your ranch remotely, facilitate you to get the best information and update related to your livestock

  2. PIMS, an integrated solution for your construction industries. We make sure you can do anything and make your project more effective and efficient.

  3. ROTS, an integrated solution for your restaurant. We simplify the restaurant system from taking order and closing bill easier and simpler

  4. REDS, an integrated solution for real estate developer and property industries. We make it simpler for you to get a real-time availability and present available units  

  5. SIMS, an integrated solution for university & higher education organization. We present system to facilitate your school to grow and deliver the best education system.

  6. Smart Asset System, a complete assets management and tracking solution with affordable price. It helps you optimize your operational cost and avoid major asset damage.

  7. QRS, a digital and real-time solution for the reimbursement management. We facilitate employee to record the expense, submitting leave, and reimbursement system.

  8. Sales Distribution Technology, an advanced solution to do sale canvasing like never before. The solution allows your team to check availability of product and create sales order faster.


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