CRM in practice: How does it really work for you?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

CRM - a lot of people are aware and know the terms; but what is it exactly, or how does it do to your business, and why is it important to know?


CRM, a short word for Customer Relationship Management; a term that’s spreading all over business professional and marketers. It’s said to be a system to maintain customers’ database and can help business gain customer loyalty. Here, we’ve prepared all information you need to know about Customer Relationship Management.




What is CRM?

In simple definition, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a system that allows you and your business manage relationship with customers and all information associated with them. Think of a helpful pal that will help you store all your customers’ contact, remind you to socialize or make appointment with a client, help you find their phone number to give a call, or event help you create email for them. Here, CRM gives and help everyone across business from sales, customer service, marketing, and business development to get and do better way to manage customer relationship and interactions with customers.


CRM can help in many ways; it can give you easy access about customer data, sales opportunities, complaints, and event marketing campaigns. Essentially in CRM, especially on-cloud CRM can store your customer and clients information (from accounts, leads, and sales opportunity) in one integrated location that you can access anywhere and anytime.



How does it work?

Let’s break it down by the feature and how does each feature work for your business. A simple way can be defined from each element of the term, Customer (C), Relationship (R), Management (M). Think of a phone book or a contact application on your mobile that help you store informations about your friends, colleague, and coworker. It stores information about their names, phone numbers, emails, and other information based on your entry. That element brings you to the Customer (C) in CRM. Now let’s move to letter R in CRM. It all relates to relationship activity you want to do with your contact (or your customers). CRM system can help you find customers who work in specific company or know who in your team was in charge to engage with them. The letter M in CRM leads you to the convenient to manage all contact and provide all possible activity with your customers.


The advantages of using a CRM system for your business are really helpful. With CRM system, you can get better visibility for every action that has been done. Besides, a CRM system will actively record every activity in your business relating to customers, so you can easily evaluate your performance. The most important thing, CRM can help you gain customer trusts that will increase customer satisfaction.



CRM that fits you

Talking about size of business, different business might need different CRM systems. If you were thinking that CRM will only work and be useful for mid or even large companies, you are wrong. A CRM system is useful for every business, you will only need to find suitable CRM system based on your company size.


A CRM for small business can give you convenient to manage contact, email and call tracking, manage leads, and share pipeline view. If we are going to CRM for midsize company, a CRM system can help you with call and email integration, assigning task, or even call recording. CRM for large company provides you with custom pipeline (for sales) and advanced reporting capabilities.


At it’s easiest statement, a CRM system will be like your mini social network with details and relationship information with customers that matters the most for your business.


Now how do you start using a CRM system? Contact us for consultation.



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