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Friday, May 4, 2018


Wmotion is a business solution for on cloud solution and custom mobile application service. We are qualified partner that combines Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Intelligence in one complete application - known as Enterprise Mobile Solution. We try to define every possibility and change it into opportunity and solution for business.


We’ve been always growing and planning to be better, bigger, and more credible for all company in any size of business. We will not make it without the help from you! Now, we are happily announcing a remarkable friend and new names for our products!


  • Livestock management software



Now: MooBell

We are inspired by the sound of Moo and the power of Bell from the cattle. Cowbells are used to scare any predators and also help shepherd organize their cattle. MooBell is a solution specialized for your farm and livestock. MooBell is intended to scare all the predators for your farms, including disease and any other. MooBell is ready to tackle all the obstacles in farm management by providing seamless and integrated technology that connects every livestock to a system. This system provides real time data that’s accessible in your mobile.


  • Project management software


Now: ProjectJar


Remember when we keep a freshly baked cookie in a cookie jar? I’t s a rigid, commonly cylindrical container, typically made of glass or ceramic. They are often used for preservation. This jar inspires us to give a handy, reliable storage for you to conveniently manage your project. ProjectJar is a solution for you to monitor all project activities remotely. Update your progress and report issues in just a click on your mobile. We make sure that you can do anything and make your project more effective and efficient.


  • Property management software


Now: Regia


Regia is a term to describe towers, skyscrapers, and property. Regia is expected to give convenient and simplify the way building managers manage and handle their building and tenants. Handling and managing high buildings is sometimes handy. That’s why we develop one application for you to easily manage and maintain your property. Regia combines information of project site plan and deliver you the most efficient way to introduce your property to prospective clients.


  • Student information management system



Now: Academy


Academy is a place of study or training in a special field. We want to make it special and dedicated for you to give best education experienced with a touch of technology. It’s enabling seamless information management system for students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. Academy is an integrated solution for school or education organization. It helps school manage students’ information in one application. It’s designed for students, teachers, parents, and other parties associated with school.


  • Restaurant management system


Now: Saviory


Savory is a favorite taste, loved by a lot of people. We intend to combine savior and savory. By adding the letter ‘i’ will make it sound like a savior for restaurant. Therefore, this solution is expected to give different taste by adding technology in serving customers. Saviory will help you with order taking, kitchen management, even point of sales, all integrated in one device.


  • Quick reimbursement system

Was: QRS

Now: ExpenseGo


Managing expense should be easy and handy. You should be able to manage it on your go. We intend to mix this objective and name our solution after it. This solution provides you the convenient to manage your expense and speed up your reimbursement process on your mobile. It’s also a digital and real-time solution for expense and trip management.


  • Asset management system

Was: SAS

Now: Aseta


Aseta is a foreign language for 'asset'. It's a simple terms to describe the solution and benefit it provides.  Aseta is other term for 'asset'. It's a simple terms to describe the solution and benefit it provides. For the simplest practice, aseta is for all asset. It’s a smart solution for asset management; a complete asset management and tracking solution with affordable price.


  • Sales distribution technology

Was: SDT

Now: Galeon


Galleon, can be defined as 'currency' or 'money', the things and terms used in sales and merchant transaction. Galeon is expected to empower sales mobility and increase more sales in company. Galeon is an advanced solution to facilitate salesperson to sales canvassing. Your sales-person can recognize product availability and input orders real-time. The distributor can easily order products and be informed about latest promotions from partners.

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Monday, August 20, 2018